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My Hero

I used to be a non-believer of chiropractic procedures to relieve back & neck pain. I pretty much self diagnosed and used OTC pain relief with jacuzzi, hot/cold therapy without much results. Dr. Mountford is nothing short of amazing. He found all my problem spots and treated accordingly. He is very caring, gentle, and effective. I’ve never been disappointed, and always walk out feeling better. He is my hero, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for not only relief, but someone who is personally invested into making your experience worth coming back for.

Kim S.

No More Pain!

Not only did I have no more pain after my adjustment, but I felt great afterward. I definitely saw a huge difference. They made sure every single question I had was answered, and are always available if I think of any more questions I want answered. Their staff is the most friendly, welcoming staff I’ve ever dealt with. They are so warm and professional, and make the whole experience that much better.

Mike T.

6 Car Accidents

I’m 41 and I’ve been in six car accidents. The last one caused terrible suffering in my neck. I’ve seen chiropractors throughout my life because of my injuries and I believe in the care – it has helped me tremendously. I recently moved to California and started treating with Dr. Mountford because of my latest motor vehicle accident. He is simply the best. He is taking a holistic approach to healing me instead of just treating my latest injury. I have never felt better.

Craig P.

One Huge Round of Applause!

Without a doubt Dr. Mountford is one of the most honest people I have had the pleasure to know and that is assuring considering the experiences I’ve had in the past with other doctors. One huge round of applause for him!

Rick S.

A Real Positive Human!

This guy is great! There is nothing phony about him. He is very genuine and also is a natural healer. I have never been big into chiropractic care and didn’t feel they had as much to offer as a “real” doctor. Boy I am so glad to have been proven wrong by the best. No pain, feel great and love his suggestions for continued health. Really a positive human!

Ponygirl P.

Dr. Mountford is the BEST!

I have gone to several Chiropractors and in no time at all, he had met feeling so much better! He knows what he is doing! His procedures are advanced. Every visit is different based on my needs. He knows his stuff!!! I would highly recommend him to anyone!!! Not only did I have no more pain after my adjustment, but I felt great afterward. I definitely saw a huge difference. They Make you feel like family. They are very personable. Dr. Mountford made sure every single question I had was answered. I was so impressed with the progress I was able to make after visiting them. All my questions were answered, and I feel a lot more confident and hopeful about the future. The office was very easy to locate. I didn’t have any trouble finding it at all.


Best Chiropractor In Over The Last 30 Years.

He is thorough and takes his time to be sure that you are at your best when you leave. He is not the Dr. with roller skates that you will find at many other chiro offices. He is a real asset to the community and makes my life less painful.


Two weeks vs. two months

Dr. Mountford has made me feel better in the almost two weeks I’ve been going to his office than my previous chiropractor did after more than two months! I feel like he’s personally invested in my case, and sincerely cares about not only relieving my pain, but also about fixing the issue that’s causing it. He’s always patient, and he takes time to answer every question I have no matter how crazy his day is. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is in need of chiropractic care!

Terina R.

No one is as good

I moved to San Diego almost a year ago and I am still searching to find a chiropractor like Dr. Mountford. He really cares about each patient and it shows. He will customize your adjustment to make you completely pain free unlike others that just go through the motions doing the same adjustments on every patient. A year later and out of the Roseville/Rocklin area I felt like I needed to write this review because he really is the best.

Alicia H.

Start Here You Won’t Be Disappointed

I have been under chiropractic care for years & I am still impressed with every visit. He is humble enough to explain his techniques & why he implements them (helps with a curious mind like mine!

Krystal C.

Thank Heavens for Chiropractor Evan Mountford!

A year ago I had a “chiropractor from hell” encounter. One morning I awoke with pains in my lower back and abdomen. As if the pains were a clap of thunder followed by lightning, electrically charged pains shot down my right leg. My husband drove me to my first chiropractic experience. I described the pain, and without hesitation the chiropractor proceeded to crack my head to one side with such force I was sure he had broken my neck. I cried and cried. Then he adjusted my lower back with another violent jerk. The pain persisted. The next day I went into emergency surgery. It turned out that I was having appendicitis. There never was anything wrong with my neck or back. Out of the hospital and returning to work, I had been completely healed of my back and abdomen pain. But…I began to have severe neck problems. Every time I turned my head from one side to the other I experienced severe pain and a clicking noise in my neck. I didn’t sleep well, my neck hurt so badly, and now I had headaches. I went to the chiropractor with lower back and abdomen problems and came out with neck problems. I was miserable. But…I didn’t want to return to the chiropractor for another adjustment. I didn’t trust him. Then I met Chiropractor Evan Mountford. I told him about my “chiropractor from hell experience.” He was wonderful. He assured me that he would be gentle. I decided to take a chance on him. First he found out my medical history. Then he tuned into my needs. He didn’t do any violent adjustments. He used a very small device that without any pain pushed my vertebrae back into place. He called me the next day to see if I was okay. His genuine concern was sincere and refreshing. I couldn’t believe how much he cared about me getting better. He adjusted me again a couple of weeks later in the same gentle way. He also cared about my health, diet, and nutrition. He helped me get my life on track for a complete healthy lifestyle outlining the supplements that I needed at this time in my life. I know that I will continue to return to Evan Mountford as needed and will certainly recommend him to family and friends. From experiencing a chiropractor from hell to one who was truly heaven sent, Evan Mountford has healing hands and a caring heart. Thank Heavens for Chiropractor Evan Mountford!

Sommer's Story