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At our Rocklin chiropractic office, we take the time to get to you and your chiropractic health problems. Dr. Mountford listens and cares about helping you reach your optimal health through chiropractic care. His approach is not basic adjustments for temporary relief, rather advanced rehabilitation through X-ray specific adjustments. Book your appointment today to experience the difference with your chiropractor who cares.

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We Go Beyond Traditional Chiropractic Care

Traditional chiropractic care may include a cookie cutter adjustments, or even X-rays for a general guideline. Our mission at Advanced Chiropractic Rehabilitation is to correct the root cause, as well as rehabilitate your whole spine for better health. This is done through X-ray specific adjustments to ensure the best possible adjustment. Dr. Mountford uses his extensive knowledge and experience to rehabilitate to your best possible health.

X-Ray Specific Adjustments​​​

Your health is taken seriously, and should not be a guessing game, especially with chiropractic care. Our specific X-ray system allows to clearly identify where your problem is, how to fix it, and know when we’ve succeeded. The focus for your health is advanced rehabilitation, not cookie cutter chiropractic adjustments.

Advanced Rehabilitation Vs. Traditional Care

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Compassion & Understanding​

We understand that you are an individual with your own specific needs, but how do we know this . . . We’ve been there!

Dr. Mountford developed a fascination for biology and interest in healing a medicine depended greatly after he sustained a critical injury of 2nd and 3rd degree burns of over 70% of his body.

After having been introduced to chiropractic by a family friend and subsequently serving a mission for his church, he had a personal “ah-ha” moment in which he knew part of his mission in life was to save and heal as many as he could through the power of Chiropractic. His purpose is so save many from suffering, decreased enjoyment of life unnecessary surgeries, and medications that can prematurely end life. What drives him as a Chiropractor is to see lives change and watch the joy and hope return to the faces of those who were once suffering, frustrated, and losing out on so many things in life.

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Are you looking for a chiropractor in Rocklin Ca? Look no further Than Advanced chiropractic rehabilitation. Our office provides the level of care you have been looking for. Previously named back In Action Chiropractic, Dr. Mountford decided to change the name to Advanced Chiropractic Rehabilitation to  better reflect his high level of care. We are honored to served patients from  Rocklin, Roseville, and surrounding communities.  


Dr. Mountford

Dr. Evan Mountford is a true healer who cares deeply about his family. He and his wife Emily have three children. His caring nature spills over into his work where he is always wanting to help his patients surpass their health expectations. Dr. Mountford is continually pursuing education to better chiropractic care, holistic healing, and general well being.